AI: Computer Vision & Decision Management

Our technological solutions in computer vision and artificial intelligence represent an advanced system capable of doing what was once considered impossible for you and your company. We combine powerful computer vision algorithms with highly efficient data processing to provide you with a new level of understanding and control.

Why Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for You and Your Company:

In a world where data is becoming increasingly crucial, our product equips you with essential tools for making more intelligent and informed decisions. We assist your company in:

  • Enhancing Security: With our technology, you can instantly detect potential threats and risks, ensuring security both within your enterprise and on its premises.

  • Optimizing Business Processes: We automate data analysis, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and optimizing resources.

  • Elevating Customer Service: Our solutions enable you to create personalized offers and deliver a higher level of service to your customers.

  • Predicting the Future: We provide you with data analysis and forecasting tools that help you make informed strategic decisions.

Our product is the key to a more intelligent, secure, and efficient future for your company. It gives you the ability to see and understand the world around you, unlocking new perspectives and opportunities for growth and development.

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    Computer Vision

    Making computers see and derive insights from images
    and videos.

    • Object Detection: Locating instances of custom
      objects in images or videos.
    • Object Tracking: Tracking the motion of a person or
      any object.
    • Segmentation: Marking the presence of objects in a
    • 2D and 3D object reconstruction: Capturing the shape
      and appearance of real objects.
    • Real-Time Analysis: Displaying alerts and notifications
      in real-time.

    Decision Management

    Compiles analytics based on data.

    • Product recommendations: making product
      recommendations and advertisements to the user.
    • Business Analysis: Automating the role of a business
      analyst by providing effective results and insights into
      analysis of business process.
    • Financial forecasting: Analyzing historical data to
      understand the demand, supply, and inventory, then
      forecasting the future’s demand, supply, and inventory.
    • Risk Prediction: Analyzing signs of risk on your process
      by using historical data.
      Fraud & Anomaly
    • Detection: Finding anomalies within
      a system

    Addressing key challenges with our solutions

    Discover how our innovative solutions in computer vision and artificial intelligence help tackle the most pressing challenges facing your company.


    Quality Control

    Quality control is a vital aspect of ensuring that
    products/processes meet specified quality standards and
    customer expectations.

    It involves processes and measures to monitor and
    manage the quality of products and procedures in any
    kind of business.

    Safety Control

    Safety control of work process refers to the set of
    measures and practices put in place to ensure the safety
    of workersand the environment on a manufacturing

    This is a critical concern in manufacturing industries
    because failure to maintain safety standards can lead to
    accidents, injuries, production disruptions, legal liabilities,
    and damage to a company’s reputation.

    Technical Side: Solution

    At optridev.com, we take pride in the robust technical foundation of our solution, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide you with a powerful and efficient platform. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our technical components:

    Computer Vision:

    We harness AI-driven computer vision models to excel in facial recognition and detection. Our algorithms are designed to accurately identify and track individuals, ensuring advanced security and personalized experiences.

    Edge AI Processing:

    To process data at the edge, in real-time, we leverage Nvidia Jetson devices. These devices empower us to perform computations directly on-site, reducing latency and enhancing the efficiency of critical computer vision tasks.

    IoT Data Streaming:

    We collect valuable data regarding individuals’ locations and movements within indoor spaces through IoT devices and sensors. This data is then seamlessly streamed to cloud storage, enabling real-time analysis and historical tracking for deeper insights.

    Cloud-Based Storage:

    All data collected is securely stored in the cloud. This centralized storage approach ensures easy access, scalability, and long-term retention of your valuable data, making it readily available whenever you need it.

    Machine Learning:

    To continuously improve identification accuracy, we implement machine learning algorithms. These algorithms learn from historical data, allowing our system to adapt and enhance its performance over time. This ensures that our solution remains at the forefront of accuracy and efficiency.

    Our technical infrastructure is the backbone of our solution, designed to provide you with reliable, intelligent, and efficient capabilities in the realms of computer vision, data processing, and machine learning. With these components, we empower your organization to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

    Implementation Process

    Implementing our product into your company is a smooth and meticulously planned process, ensuring the maximum utilization of all its capabilities. We understand that each company is unique, so we offer a flexible and personalized approach to implementation. Here are the stages of our implementation process:

    1. Preparation and Analysis:

    • Our experts, in collaboration with your team, identify the core business goals and objectives to be achieved with our product.
    • Existing business processes and infrastructure are analyzed to determine best practices for implementation.

    2. Planning:

    • A detailed implementation plan is developed, including a timeline, required resources, and responsible parties for each stage.
    • Success criteria are defined to evaluate the results of the implementation.

    3. Configuration and Setup:

    • Our specialists configure the product to meet the established requirements.
    • All necessary integrations with existing systems and databases are carried out seamlessly.

    4. Training and Support:

    • Your team receives training on using our product. We provide training materials and sessions to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge.
    • We offer continuous support during and after implementation to address questions and ensure the smooth operation of the system.

    5. Monitoring and Optimization:

    • We monitor the product's performance and collect data for continuous improvement.
    • Updates and new features are implemented as needed to meet your company's requirements.

    6. Evaluation of Results:

    • We conduct an assessment to determine the achievement of set goals and success criteria.
    • Adjustments and optimizations are made as necessary to ensure maximum product effectiveness.

    Diverse implementations of our AI-powered solutions

    Explore the wide-ranging applications of our AI-driven technology across various industries and sectors. Discover how our solutions are transforming manufacturing, security, retail, education, office management, and healthcare by automating processes and enhancing efficiency.

    Automated Quality Control Using Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

    This application involves the implementation of artificial intelligence in manufacturing processes to automate and enhance quality control. By utilizing computer vision and AI algorithms, the system can inspect products, identify defects, and ensure that they meet specified quality standards. Industries such as automotive, electronics, and pharmaceuticals benefit from improved product quality, reduced defects, and increased production efficiency.

    Object Security Control Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is employed to enhance security by monitoring and analyzing video feeds in real-time. The system can detect suspicious objects or behaviors, identify potential threats, and trigger alerts or responses accordingly. This application is crucial for ensuring security in public places, airports, critical infrastructure, and other high-security environments.

    Retail Video Analytics System Powered by Artificial Intelligence

    In the retail sector, AI-driven video analytics are used to gain insights into customer behavior, optimize store layouts, and enhance the shopping experience. This system can track customer movements, analyze shopping patterns, and provide recommendations for product placement and marketing strategies, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

    Student Engagement Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence in Educational Institutions

    Educational institutions leverage AI to monitor student engagement and performance. By analyzing data from online learning platforms, AI can identify students who may be struggling, predict dropout risks, and provide personalized recommendations for improvement. This application aids educators in fostering student success and improving learning outcomes.

    AI-Enabled Office Work Time Monitoring and Management

    This application utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor and manage work time and productivity in office environments. It can track employee activities, identify time-wasting habits, and provide insights for optimizing workflow. This technology helps organizations improve productivity, employee engagement, and time management.

    Health Tech Quality Control Decrease the Human Factor to Avoid Mistakes

    In the healthcare industry, AI-powered quality control plays a crucial role in minimizing errors and enhancing patient safety. By automating quality control processes for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare procedures, AI reduces the risk associated with human error. It ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, leading to better patient outcomes and healthcare quality.

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